Spiritual Retreat Goal

Goal of the Spiritual Retreat

Let it be known that the period of the spiritual quiet time is not a period to study the Holy Bible theologically, ideologically or educationally, there are other times where this can be done. 

As for the goal of the spiritual retreat, it is to form a partnership with the Lord, to be in His presence, to hear His voice, His instructions and His guidance for you on that day.

As if you are saying with Samuel “Speak, LORD, for Your servant hears.” (1 Samuel 3:9)

And this partnership with the Lord means that you converse with Him, interact, unite with Him and be filled through Him and His Spirit, to lead your life, to conduct your actions, attitude and your interactions.

Be certain that your quiet time with the Lord has yielded the expected goal and that you sat with the Lord, listened to Him; that you have shared your life with Him and submitted yourself and your to Him.  Be certain that He is present with you now. 

Also, that He is taking charge of your life, and He is in control as He guides your steps and protects you from harm.