Equity Prayers

The equity prayers


The equity are short prayers, not more than a few words or lines. They remind us of the constant presence of God in our lives. They give us the feeling that we are always in contact with God. We can recite these prayers or sing at any time and in any condition, for example, when we work.

- Lord Jesus Christ, Thine is the thanks, praise and honor.

- My Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, O my Lord Jesus Christ, help me, I praise You, my Lord Jesus Christ (Jesus Prayer)

- Jesus Christ, You are my Lord, my help and hope. I am in your hands. You know what's good for me. Let me not sin against you. Do not let me follow my own will or perish because of my sins. Have mercy on your draw. Don’t surrender me to my enemies, because I am weak and I have come to you. Heal me, because I have sinned against you. The souls of all who make me sad, are in the hands of my Lord Jesus Christ. I come with my weakness to you. Redeem me with Thy love, so that all who pursue me, and take my soul underlying want to be disappointed. You are conversant. Thine is the glory and honor forever. Amen (Isaiah El Anba Askiti)

Short prayers of St. John Chrysostom:
- Oh, my God, do not contain as constant heavenly blessing in front of me.
- Oh, my God, forgive me my sins that I have committed in my words, thoughts or in my imagination.
- Oh, my God, save me from the seduction and don’t leave me to the enemy.
- Oh, my God, illuminate the darkness of my heart, which is filled with bad desires.
- Oh, my God, see the weakness of my nature, be gracious to me and help me to glorify Thy name in me.
- Oh, my Lord and my God fill my heart with Thy grace.
- Oh, my God, my Lord, take my remorse and don’t forget me.
- Oh, my God, fill my eyes with tears, remind me of the death and let me repent of my sins.
- Oh, my God, fill me with humility, obedience and let me overcome my will.
- Oh, my God, give me endurance, stamina and gentleness
- Oh, my God, Thy will be done, not my will by the For petitions and prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, for Thou art glorified at all times. Amen.