Al Sourian Monastery Abbots


Al·Sourian Monastery´s Abbots


There was an era at the beginning of the monastery that had no references about the abbots, here is a few found:

1-    Mar Thoudor at the six century.

2-    Marota Ben Habib

3-    Anba Youssef at 773 A.D.

4-    Ebn Eidy at the time of Pope Kozman the second (from Alexandria).

5-    John Ben Maqary the priest around 894 A.D.

6-    Mosa the priest, the beginning of the tenth century.

7-    Saliba the preist at the time of Pope Ibrahm (from Alexandria).

8-    Dawoud the priest at 1007 A.D.

9-    Yohanna the priest, Fr. Dawoud’s brother.

10-    Basely the priest at 1222 A.D.

11-    Yashoa the hegoman from 1237-1254 A.D

12-    Abd  El Meseh the hegoman 1483 during Pope Metaos era.

13-    Metropolitan Sawers the year 1484.

14-    Metropolitan Sawers the year 1516.

15-    Lazer the priest

16-    Kostantin the first the priest, which he resigned and moved to St. Anthony’s monastery.

17-    Kostantin the second the priest.

18-    John the hegoman, his name found at historical documents 1584 A.D.

19-    Abd El Messeh El Anbery which became Metropolitan for Ethiopia on 1665.

20-    John the hegoman 1684 A.D.

21-    Michael the hegoman 1720 A.C. which he built the saints’ relic’s holder and his name engraved at St. Mary’s church (the cave).

22-    Gubrial the hegoman.

23-    Botros the hegoman was an abbot of all El Natroon valley monasteries 1742, and then became a metropolitan for Gerga and Upper Egypt, which used to take care of it.

24-    Manqarious the hegoman 1733 A.D. then ordained metropolitan for Manfalot and Abnob by the name of anba Botros.

25-    Kulta the hegoman, the writer on 1784 A.D. was the last abbot to reside at El Taranh village (Behera).

26-    John the hegoman, from El Fayom, the first to reside at Attries village (Giza).

27-    Abd El Kodus the hegoman, promoted to abbot on 1848 A.D. he reconstruct many places such as St. Mary Church (the cave), built St. Mary Church at Atry, remodeled the castle bridge, as it is written by Pope Kyrolos V at Paules El Boshy’s book…he has a good relation ship with Fr. Dawod El Somae. And signed recommendation letter to elect him a pope by the name of Kyrolos . Anba Demetrious fired him.

28-    Youssef El Mahalawy the hegoman.

29-    Youhanna Bishara the hegoman, became the abbot at the age of 20th, then Anba Kyrolos ordained him bishop for Abo Tyeg by the name of Anba Metaous.

30-    Tawadros the hegoman.

31-    Youhanna El Esnawy, became the abbot during pope Kyrolos VI era, he has done a lot of reconstruction at the monastery and built 5 building in Klut PK, every body respected and loved him.

On Sunday, July 12, 1897 ordained a bishop for El Khartoom and Om Dorman, Sudan, by the name of Anba Sarabamon, he has done a lot of good deed and still remembered there.

32-    Maximos Salib the hegoman, he was a good father with a good heart; on 1902 he rebuilt the northern side of the monastery wall in three months.

He renewed most of the cells; he spent 108 L.E. and doubles the monastery income.

He bought more than sixty acres and built several building in Cairo in which is El Ezbawya (monastery head quarter) on 1908, and built the visitors house at the monastery which was demolished and built a new one.

He served as an abbot for 42 years and rest in Christ on August 7, 1939.

33-    Faltaous Morkos the hegoman, became an abbot on 1939 during Anba Youannas, the nineteenth pope, he had done a lot of good deed and bought a number of real estate for the monastery, he rested in Christ on Friday December 12, 1947.

He was vice abbot for 27 years and abbot for 8 years.

34-    Anba Thoufelos: Abd El Shaheed Sadeq born on March 10, 1908 at El Rydania village, Mansorah.

Went to Al Sourian monastery at the end of 1925.

Ordained monk on January 29, 1926.

Pope Seloanis ordained priest on August 1934, joined Monk’s school in Helwan and graduated on 1939.

Promoted to manage the monastery with hegoman Felotheos (previous abbot). 

Ordained hegoman on 1946 then became abbot on December 12, 1947.

On July 25, 1948, Pope Anba Yosab II ordained him a bishop for the monastery.


+Was the first abbot to stay with the monks at the monastery.

+First abbot to accept highly educated monks (Pope Shenoda was one of them).

+First to build concrete blocks building for the monks at any other monastery.

+First to build individual cells outside the monastery walls.

+First to plant a farm outside the monastery walls.

+First to build a large concrete water tank for the monastery.

+Loved to read at the monastery library especially old hand written.

+First to start a print shop at the monastery on 1951.

+First to build retreat center on 1959 at the monastery for the youth to spend spiritual time.

+Always rejoice when one of the monks ordain priest or bishop.

+Love to celebrate saints’ commemorations.

+Built two monastery towers, hospitality building, and library.

+Bought four properties for the monastery use.

+During his time 18 bishops and vice bishops ordained.

+was the oldest monk at the monastery and consider a spiritual father for many bishops, one of them Pope Shenoda III.

+Pope Shenoda III celebrated his golden jubilee of becoming a monk, on 1976.

+ On 1989 was a monk for 64 years and bishop for 42 years.

+Reposed in Christ on Tuesday December 5, 1989. About 81 years old. His body lay under the western church tower with his spiritual brother Hegoman Mosa.


35-Anba Metaos:

Became monk on February 7, 1965 and priest on 1969, hegoman on 1970, vice bishop 1978 then bishop on 1980.

He became the abbot on June 6, 1993. About 32 bishops and metropolitan attended the celebration on June 7, 1993.