Father Armanios

Father Armanios

This blessed father born on September 11, 1927 (Coptic new year), so his parents named him Narous (Coptic word for new year).

His dad passed away at early age, so he became the income source for his family, God blessed him and all his work.
At the age twenty one went to El Sourian monastery and became a monk on November 1948 by the name of Armanios El Souriany.Abona Armanios

Due to his expertise at a print shop, they elected him to manage the new monastery’s print shop also promoted him to priesthood.

After a while the work at print shop stopped, Fr. Armanios back to his cell, sleeping on the ground, eating only vegetables, give cats any meat he gets.


Once his little stove caught fire while talking to other monk, suddenly it put off by itself…father Armanios told the other monk that the Angle came and put it off…is that right ??


After he became old and used to go to Cairo for medications, he stays at one of his friends house, but not inside the house but choose to sleep at wooden room on the roof!


He used to vision all the times and tell of future events before it happen, once he saw a dove sitting on Pope Shenouda’s head while other monks did not see it. Also he told about pope shenouda’s air plan arrival that will be late two hours and it did.


He prophesies the new abbot will be setting at the right hand of Pope Shenouda during his visit to Anba Bishoy monastery, and it happen.


Many fathers who visited him at his cell, used to hear voices and see light inside but when he open the door it disappear.


They also hear him taking to many other inside the cell saying “peace be with you all”!!! While his cell take only one person in the time.


One night there was over 50 offices to guard the gate, the abbot wanted to prepare tea for all of them, the monk was in charge of the kitchen was upset since he does not have enough tea kettles and cups for all the crowed, Father Armanios suddenly appeared at the kitchen and ask him to get his only kettle (contain up to 12 cups) and follow him to the crowed, the monk started to pour the tea and every time want to uncover the led, father Armanios encourages him not to do so, finally all fifty cups were full, then the monk removed the led and not a drop left, he knew that was for father Armanios’ blessing.


During his last days, he suffered from a liver disease, he asked his doctor to visit all monasteries, like he is saying goodbye.


He went in deep coma; one of the elder monks saw Saint Mary and Anba Thoufielos carrying his blessed soul on March 13, 1995.


May his blessing be with us Amen.