Father Yosab


Father Yosab


Name: Nagy Helmy Fawzy Rofail.Abona Yosab

Date of Birth: May 13, 1945.

Education: BA Degree, Major geography.

Became monk on February 2, 1969.

Became priest on December 1971, and Hegoman on 1976.

Father of confession: Fr. Angelos El Soriany.

He served at the kitchen, storage, and holly bread bakary inside the monastery, also served as Icon artist at Holland and Germany outside the monastery.


 Reposed in Christ on December 10, 2003.


Spiritual Oud songs:

- Agios

- Aribsaleen

- Don’t worry

- Bek Laous Ghar

- Khen Oshoot

- Mareen Oonoh hymn