Father Abadir


Father Abadir


Monk: Father Abadir El Syrian

Name at Birth: Zaki Abdullah Ibrahim

Date of Birth: 23/11/1939 AD

Place of birth: Farshout - Nag Hammadi Center - Qena

Family home address: Zaghloul St. Farshout - Qena

Qualifications: Preparatory Education

Occupation before monasticism: Owner of a bookstore

ID number: 4341

Dated: 21/08/1972 Nag Hammadi - Qena

Father of Confession before monasticism: The departed Fr. George Domadius pastor of the Church of the Virgin Mary - Bahgoura

Servings before monasticism: at the Church of Archangel Michael and the Virgin Mary- Farshout

Date of arrival to the monastery: 06/03/1969 AD

Date accepted as a monk student: 09/03/1969 AD

Date of Monasticism: 28/09/1969 AD

Date ordained a priest: 18/01/1972 AD

Date ordained Hegomenos: 20/05/1975 AD

Father of confession at the monastery: Pope Shenouda III, then the departed Fr. Metaous El Syrian, then Bishop Sarabamoun Abbot of the Monastery of St. Bishoy

Jobs held since he entered the monastery: The monastery kitchen – Information Desk – Dairy Lab - arranged the distribution of daily Masses

Services outside the monastery:


1 – Monastry of Abu Seifen- Tamouh - Giza from 06/03/1972 until 14/06/1972 AD

2 - At the Church of the Virgin Mary at El Tahrir from 16/06/1972 until 16/07/1973AD

3 - At Benghazi, Libya, from 19/07/1973 to 08/03/1975 AD

4 – At Wad Medani in Sudan from 03/09/1975 until 15/06/1976 AD

5 - At Baghdad, Iraq: From 14/12/1976 to 10/07/1978 AD

6 – At Khartoum North, Sudan from 04/08/1979 until 04/04/1982 AD


He departed to the Lord at 3 p.m. on Monday, 21/03/2011 AD and the funeral prayers was same day at 7 p.m. at the Syrian church in the monastery, in the presence of Bishop Bachomius Bishop of El Bhiera, and Bishop Sarabamoun abbot of St. Bishoy Monastery, and Bishop Esezouros abbot of El Baramos Monastery, and Bishop Silwanus the General Bishop, and Bishop Metaous  the Abbot of El Syrian Monastery, and many monks from different monasteries. He was buried in the monastery cemetery, May the Lord accept his Soul in Paradise.