Father Zausma


Father Zausma


Name at Birth: Halim Saadallah Fanous

Education: preparatory

Family home address: Naga Alghobashy - Gerga

Date of Birth: 17/02/1941

Date of arrival to the monastery: 15/7/1959

Date of Monasticism: 30/12/1962

Date ordained a priest: 7/2/1968 AD

Date ordained Hegomenos: 17/5/1970 AD

Services outside the monastery: served at El-Ezbawya 1973 - 1980 AD, in Sudan 1982-1990, in Kuwait 18/8/1991- 1/3/2012 AD

Departed at dawn on Thursday 1/3/2012 and funeral prayers was headed by HG Bishop Metaous, HG Bishop Sarabamoun Abbot of St. Bishoy Monastery, and HG Bishop Theodosius Diocese of Giza and some monks from Al Baramous Monatery and was buried in the monastery cemetery.


Video of his funneral