Apparition of Virgin Saint mary in Koskam Mountain for Bishop Thaofeles the 23rd

The Apparition of the Virgin Mary at Keskam Mountain 1396 A.D

During the year 1396 A.D.  Pope Metaous, the 87th Patriarch (1378-1408A.D.) ordained a bishop for the city of Kosya, and his name was Bishop Ghobrial. 

After his ordination, the bishop travelled to see Fr. Michael, who was the chief supervisor at the Meharak Monastery at the time.  Fr. Michael congratulated him on his ordination and invited him to visit the monastery during Passion Week, where the monks would for him to participate with them in continual prayers to God.  Bishop Ghobrial accepted the invitation of father Michael with joy. He travelled to the monastery and arrived there on Paschal Monday after celebrating Palm Sunday at his church. Bishop Ghobrial then went directly to a room where an icon of the Virgin Mary was kept, and candles were illuminated in front of it.  He lodged in that room and he continued to fast and pray.

On Covenant Thursday, Fr. Michael went to Bishop Ghobrial and asked him to lead the prayers for Covenant Thursday with the fathers and the monks.  However, Bishop Ghobrial apologetically refused to lead the prayers; however, the Virgin Mary asked him to begin.  So having no way of refusing, Bishop Ghobrial began the prayers of the Covenant Thursday Liturgy, and during the prayers, the Virgin Mary appeared amongst everyone, and everyone who was present saw her. 

The same thing happened in Easter, when Fr. Michael asked Bishop Ghobrial if he would lead the prayers for the Easter Liturgy, he agreed, and yet again, the Virgin Mary appeared, and everyone saw her.  The Virgin then told Bishop Ghobrial, that she would be taking him with her at the conclusion of the Holy Liturgy.  After the completion of the Easter Liturgy, Bishop Ghobrial returned to his room and closed the door.  The next morning when Fr. Michael came to invite him to breakfast, he found that his soul had parted with his body – indeed, it was just as the Virgin Mary had said to him.  The fathers of the monastery then prayed upon him, and everyone was in tears because he was a righteous and a pious man.  They buried him in a special graveyard at the monastery’s entrance.  May the blessings of this saints be with us.