The apparition of Virgin Mary in Dokados, 1988

The Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Dokados, 1988

       The Holy Family passed by Dokados and stayed there for a period of time. That is why every year a lot of people from all over the world travel there to be blessed by the Holy Family's icon in the church and also from the well, from which the Holy Family drank during their journey.  People use this opportunity to intercede with the Virgin Mary and to pray to God. On 14th February 1988, a group of people were travelling on an excursion headed by Fr. Athanasius from the church of St. Anthony in Alexandria in El Laban Suburb, and they headed to St Mary’s Church in Dokados. As soon as they arrived the church, Fr. Athanasius and the deacons who accompanied him began to sing praises to the Virgin Mary, the mother of God. While they were praising her, she appeared on the dome in a bright glorious image. The father and the deacons could not do anything except singing praises and hymns over and over again with joyful hearts and rejoicing spirits.  Everyone who was present rejoiced.

       Father Athanasius recorded this apparition of the Virgin Mary in her Church in Dokados as an evidence for all the coming generations. The Virgin Mary's full apparition ensures the antiquity of the church and its great blessings.