The Apparition of the virgin in Fatima village in El Portugal ( 13th of May 1917 A.D. )

The Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Village of Fatima – Portugal        (13th of May 1917 A.D.)

In a small village named Fatima near Lisbon – Portugal, there were three children grazing their father’s goats.  Their names were Jacinta and Francois her brother, as well as their ten year old cousin Lucy.  They were pure children and they used to pray and worship God lovingly.  Above the weeping willow tree the girl saw a luminous figure and the light that surrounded the figure exceeded the sun’s light.  It was the figure of a lady who was clothed in a white dress that ran all the way down to her feet.  She was raising her hands in prayer, and she was very beautiful; however, sadness filled her face.  She told the children that she will appear to them on that same day every month for the duration of six months.  Hence, the visitors to that area flocked and increased until there were 18,000 people present during the Virgin Mary’s third apparition, which took place on the 13th of July of the year 1917. 

During the Virgin Mary’s third apparition, which took place on the evening of the 13th of October 1917, the streets of Fatima were crowded with 600,000 people from all over the world.  The Virgin Mary appeared above the weeping willow tree with her usual white dress.  She spoke to the people and said, “We need to turn to God and to repent on behalf of our sins.  We should not make God sad, and we need to continue to worship Him with all our hearts…” The Virgin Mary also asked the people to establish a church there under her name, and she told everyone that if people changed their lives for the better, the war will end shortly.

That day, the sun was extremely bright and luminous, it shone in all directions in many bright colours such as red, blue, violet, and yellow.  A vision of our Lord Jesus Christ at the age of two was depicted along with the Virgin Mary in her white dress.  Also, an apparition of the Holy Family (Our Lord Jesus during his years of youth, St. Mary, and St. Joseph) was observed by many.  Throughout this apparition, our Lord Jesus was blessing those who were present.  While He was doing so, some cried out and declared their faith in the Lord Jesus, while other called out, saying, “Peace be to you Mary who is full of grace.” Many of those who were present cried out saying, “Lord we need Your mercy…”  Ever since that time, and in order to commemorate the day of the Virgin’s apparition, the Portuguese people would gather in the village of Fatima, and in their hands they would hold candles as they pray and say, “Peace be to you O Mary.”

The inhabitants of Fatima created two statues of the Virgin Mary in the same way that she appeared to them.  They placed one of the statues in the same location where she appeared, and the other statue was passed around many parts of the world for all countries to take a blessing.  Finally, they placed the statue in the Caledonian church – St. Fatima, which is located in New Cairo (Masr El Gideeda).