The Apparition of the virgin in Akita in Japan


The Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Akita – Japan


The Virgin Mary appeared in Akita – Japan.  In the year 1975, a carved wooden statue of the Virgin Mary was found crying.  These tears continued to pour for seven years.  In previous years, the statue was known to bleed as well release drops of sweat.   These events were observed by Mother Agnes Sasa and other nuns.   These miraculous apparitions were telecasted by Japanese television for everyone in Japan to see.  When the blood, tears, and sweat were analyzed, they were found to be the blood, tears, and sweat that pertained to a genuine human.  

The Virgin Mary performed a miracle with Mother Agnes who happened to be deaf, and after these miraculous apparitions, Mother Agnes was cured and she was able to hear.  Mother Agnes then said, “When a mother cries in front of her children, there must be a reason for those tears.  It must mean that there is an urgent message that she is trying to send to all of us.” During these miraculous apparitions, the Virgin Mary gave Mother Agnes a very important message: “There are many people in this world who are making God sad, and for this, people will know His anger…If humanity does not turn to God in repentance and try to improve themselves, God will reprimand them with fire that will come from heaven” The Virgin Mary persisted in her message that people need to repent and return to God with a pure heart.  People also need to beseech God to protect the world from upcoming disasters.


The virgin continued, saying: “The work of devil will sneak into the church and fight dedicated people, in order to force them leave God's service. The idea of peoples’ failure is what fills me with sorrow.” The Virgin Mary remained with Mother Agnes for some time, she gave her advice and spoke to her about the importance of prayers and repentance.  She also advised her to pray the doxology on a daily basi