The Apparition of the Virgin for Mirna in Souria

The Apparition of the Virgin to Mirna  - a Young Lady in Syria

Mirna was a young girl who lived in a city in Damascus, named Soufania.  God gave her great grace, because she saw the Virgin Mary and there was oil seeping from the Virgin’s Picture.

On the 22nd of November 1982, something strange happened:  Mirna’s body began to shake and shiver.  Afterwards, oil began to seep from Mirna’s hands.  Also, oil began to seep from a small icon of the Virgin Mary that was located in Mirna’s home. 

Mirna‘s body continued to give off oil, and her whole home was filled with blessings and prayers.  Many miracles occurred as a result of this blessed oil, including healing from cancer. 

The Virgin appeared to Mirna five times and gave her messages for the whole world.  She appeared in her glorious form, she was wearing a white dress and a blue belt, and she was wearing a blue veil on her head.  She gave Mirna some messages, and Mirna slowly repeated what the Virgin was saying.  The virgin advised Mirna to keep praying, and to live a life of love and peace.  She then said to Mirna, “Do not let my heart become divided because of your differences.”

Mirna continued to have visions of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was visiting her.  She saw Him and she received messages from Him, those included:

*The holy trinity - creation – incarnation

*The Divine Fatherhood – intercessions of the Virgin Mary

*The heavens

*The importance of continual prayers and fasting

*The sanctity of the marriage

*Dedication to the church

*The role of the laymen in sustaining unity throughout the church.

The following is also some advice that God gave to Mirna:

 “I was crucified for you and I want you to carry your cross and to persevere for my sake with joy and patience as you await My coming. Those who share my pain will share my glory too. Salvation is through the cross only”.

In another message Christ said to her: “When you pray say: ‘For the sake of Your Son’s wounds, save us.”

With regards to the Virgin Mary, our Lord Jesus said to Mirna: “She is My mother.  Whoever gives her honour, also honours me, and whoever ignores her, ignores Me.  Those who ask of her will receive, because she is My mother.”

Between the years 1983 and 1990, during Passion Week Mirna had wounds located on her hands and her feet, which were in the same location as the nails with which our Saviour was nailed to the cross.  These wounds caused her much pain and she was suffering greatly.  These wounds would appear annually on Mirna’s body during Passion Week.  There were also wounds above her head (to symbolize the crown of thorns that was on our Saviour’s head), and the blood trickled down her face in all directions. 

On Thursday 19/4/1984 during the Passion Week, the wound on Mirna’s right side was 10 cm deep.  When two French Biologists and two other surgeons saw the wounds; one of them recommended that her husband should take her to the hospital to close the wounds as they were deep.  In response, her husband replied, “The One who opened those wounds, will close them.” Indeed, the wounds healed altogether at 11:00 P.M. that night, and they were no longer present.  This occurred on an annual basis, and everyone was a witness to it. 

On 25/1/1995 Mirna met with His Holiness Pope Shenouda III.  Pope Shenouda examined the pictures, which depicted the oil seeping from Mirna’s hands.  Eventually, the world heard about these priceless spiritual phenomena.