Baunah 2

Baunah 2, 1732 - June 9, 2016, Thursday of the Sixth week of the Holy Fifty Days (Celebration of the Great Day of Ascension)

Lord Jesus who ascended to the heavens, captivate me with the desire of Your love.

So I follow You to the ends and I do not look back.
And I enter into the mystery of the powers, where I see You at all times.
And I take power from You that raises me on a permanence and You defeat my enemies and resolve my bonds.
And I enter into the clouds of Your glory so I become filled of light of Your grace and the secret of Your love.
And I live through the hope of Your coming on the clouds to take me to You.
And filled with Your peace which awakens every mind.
And I satisfy my hunger by You and I'm fulfilled by You and You live in me, oh Master.

And mature my heart to understand Your words and Your divine secrets.
 And I'm filled with unutterable, glorious joy so I praise You always.

Lord Jesus .. Your ascension is the secret my life and my hope and my joy so allow me to enter into this mystery, oh Lover of mankind.