Monk: Salib Al- Souriani

Monk: Salib Al- Souriani

His Christian name: Fathy Shehata  Gabriel

Date of birth: 04/12/1941 AC.

Place of birth: Aanibus – Tahta City – Sohag Governorate

Family Address: 170 Abd El Hakam Amer Str. – Ismailia Governorate

Education: industrial secondary school diploma – 1960 AC.

Job before monastic life: head of a department in a training center in the ministry of construction in Ismailia

Confession father before monastic life: Eghomanous Fr. Michael Sobhy at St. Mary’s church in Dokki

His service before monastic life: village service

Place of service: Ismailia Governorate

Did he join any other monastery before this one: No.

Date of arrival to the monastery: 23 Mesra 1699 (Martyrs.) – 29.08.1983 AC.

Date of pronouncing him monk: 22 Baramhat 1701 (Martyrs.) – 31/03/1985 AC.

Date of pronouncing him Presvitarous: 31/07/1988 AC.

Date of pronouncing him Eghomanous: 21/09/1997 AC.

Confession father in the monastery: Monk Eghomanous Selwanous Al Souriani

Service in the monastery:

  • Distributing food on the monks
  • The lab for milk
  • Responsible for opening and closing the monastery gates

At eleven o’clock on Friday morning 25th Nov. 2016 AC. Monk Eghomanous Salib Al Souriani passed away at the age of 75 years old.

He spent 35 years as a virtuous monk known for his hospitality for the monks, his brethren, exerting great effort to serve them and comfort them.

He was the confession father of the late monk Eghomanous Fr. Falta’ous Al Souriani. He led a humble simple monastic life.

The funeral prayers took place at 5 o’clock at St. Mary’s church – the Cave – His Grace Anba Metaous, bishop and head of the monastery conducted the prayers along with the monastery council monks as well as Anba Isitheros, bishop and head of El Baramos monastery with some monks from his monastery. May god rest his soul in paradise. May the Lord God support us as He supported him, that we may reach up to our heavenly heritage among angels and saints.