Abib 4

Abib 4, 1733 - يوليو 11, 2017, Tuesday purifying the heart.

+“a pure heart. Create within me oh, God and righteous soul renew inside my inner self”

  • Teach me how to enjoy reading your verses night &day.
  • Fill my soul with your light, with happiness & patience rid me from false hypocrisy.
  • Grant me forbearance for any hardships that I may struggle to death partaking in your pains.
  • Grant me simple eyesight focusing on you forever.
  • Fill me with power, wisdom &holiness... And all the fruits of your holy spirit.
  • Fill me with your true love and the love to my brethren.
  • Grant me happiness, timidness before all people.
  • My lord Jesus... Pay attention to my weakness, my humility and my yearning to you, and grant me pure heart and a simple eye.