Monk Egomanos Sharobeem El Soriany.

Monk Egomanos Sharobeem El Soriany.

Christian name: Michelle Gorgy Ayoub.

Date & Place of Birth: 20-3-1952 – Toukh El Nassara – Talka – Menoufya.

Education: BA Faculty of Arts & Education.

Job before monastic life: Senior Teacher of English (Prep. School).

Father of Confession before Monastic life: St. Mary Church – El Mahalla El Kobra.

Arrival at the Monastery: 21-1-1991.

As a Monastic Candidate: 8-7-1991

Ordained Monk: 10-4-1992

Father of confession in the Monastery: Fr. Egomanos Sedarous El Souriany.

His service in the monastery: serving the guests of the monastery and the distribution of the share of each monk for daily needs

At the down of 28-10-2017 Fr. Monk Egomanos Sharobeem El Soriany passed – away at the age of over 65 years.

He spent 25 years as a virtuous active and diligent monk. He was very kin on attending the Liturgy daily and providing the needs of his brethren the monks in the Monastery.

He served in the Monastery calmly and peacefully with alertness.

He tolerated 3 years of sickness thankfully until his soul rested in peace in the Lord hailed by Angels and saints as well as the 24 Elders at His Heavenly Reception.

The funeral prayers were held at1:00noon – May his soul rest in peace in the Lord and May he be our mediator before the Heavenly Throne.

Of that day – in the presence of His Grace Anba Metta’ous Bishop & abbot of the monastery together with Anba Sarabamon Bishop & abbot of St. Bishoy monastery and Anba Isezorous Bishop & bbot of EL-Paramous monastery and some of the monks of St. Mina monastery at Marriot Desert.

May the Lord who supported Monk Egomanos Sharobeem El Soriany all through support us as well in our spiritual struggle that we may have a share and lot with the Angles & Saints