St. Antony Church

The Church of Saint Antony

St. Anthony’s Church in the Sourian Monastery was built in the form of Noah's ark between the years of 1993 AD to 1995 AD.  It is located near the building of the workers' housing, and this church was dedicated to the monastery’s employees who resided in the monastery.   The church is about 200 square meters. It is a Byzantine-style Church. The church has three domes; one of them is above the middle altar, the other two domes are located on the northern and southern altars. The nave of the Church is covered by red bricks and reinforced concrete. At this Church, there is a baptism basin present in order to baptize the employees who aren't from the orthodox faith. It was built under the supervision of His Grace Bishop Metaous (the Bishop and the Abbott of the monastery).  The building process was overseen by the direction of Fr. Boktor El Souriany.

On Sunday, July 18, 1999 AD – Epip11, 1711, which happened to be the forty-fifth anniversary of the monasticism of Pope Shenouda III, he consecrated the church’s three altars.  The main altar is named after St. Anthony, the northern altar is named after the three Marcoses the saints, and the southern altar is named after St. Moses the Black and St. Esezourous. The Church is characterized by having three eastern sides. Each one of them has the image of God judging both the living and the dead; its image was shaped on the approach of the classic Italian style.